What is KALAKASAN?kalakasan4

Going beyond harsh conditions!(Crisis intervention/Feminist Counseling)   

We support women struggling to resolve various difficulties they face such as being  caught in abusive relationships, starting life again with their children after fleeing from such relationships, legalizing visa status, and addressing problems related to child recognition, rearing and education while in Japan.

Promoting relationships among migrant women (Follow-up Care program for women)

We accompany migrant women specially those who become single-mothers as a result of domestic violence. Goals: Preventing isolation, helping women walk hand-in-hand in self-help groups and community building.

Helping bi-cultural children reclaim their power.

We support bi-cultural children in unstable home environment, particularly those who have seen their mothers being battered or who themselves have been abused. Goal: Creating a space where children in similar circumstances can meet and sustain each other while trying to understand and appreciate their bi-cultural identities and recover their confidence and strength.

What is KALAKASAN Migrant Women Empowerment Center?

A non-governmental organization dedicated to the empowerment of migrant women and their children.

Migrant women who have crossed national boundaries either as workers or as spouses of international marriages have increased in numbers dramatically since 1980. Being women and women of Japanese society, they experience prejudice and discrimination many times over. There are countless number if women victims who suffer profound damages due to human trafficking and multiple forms of violence in their homes or at work.

The word kalakasan means “strength” in the Filipino language. The activities of KALAKASAN Migrant Women Empowerment Center aim to facilitate women and children reclaim their inner strength and together with other women residing in Japan, forge positive collective energies moving towards doing joint actions for beneficial changes in society.