Kalakasan Summer Camp 2017

Kalakasan camp: August 26 – 27 at Yamakita Camp Area

49 persons joined: 2 children, 16 youth, 21 mothers, 4 staff and 6 volunteers (4 drivers and 2 volunteers for the youth)

We enjoyed doing the following:

  1. Walking along the Kurokura Rindo river and splashing and swimming in the river along the way.
  2. We had a barbecue at dinner time and had fun dancing after.
  3. The following day, some went to Buna no Yu onsen directly while the majority enjoyed the cold and refreshing river besides the onsen first. Then after took a hot bath in the onsen.

Everyone truly enjoyed and was refreshed not only with our activities but also with the beauty and serenity of nature.

カラカサンキャンプ: 8月26-27日、神奈川県山北町のキャンプ場にて



  1. 玄倉林道を散策し、道沿いの玄倉川にて川遊び。
  2. 夕食にバーベキューを行った後、ダンスを楽しむ。
  3. 翌日、ぶなの湯温泉敷地内にて思い思いに川で涼み、温泉に入浴。


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