Kalakasan Summer Camp 2018

August 11-12 Summer Camp at Yamakita, Ashigarakamigun, Kanagawa Prefecture

Participants: 18 KALAKASAN mothers and members; 13 children; 11 KALAKASAN youth; 4 staff members; 5 volunteers and 6 friends

Exodus traffic for Obon holiday week slowed down our travel to our destination. For lunch we stopped at a parking area near Tanzawa Lake Dam to eat our bento lunch.
Check-in at Sasakozawa Bungalow at 1:00 pm. The afternoon was then spent playing and getting wet in the shallow river stream by the campsite. Mothers prepared for BBQ supper which was ready by 6:00 pm.

After supper, we went up to a level area of the campsite and had fun around a campfire. We started with Tanko bushi bon odori and continued on with modern dances to Filipino dance music. As the fire was dying down, marshmallows on sticks were distributed to roast in the campfire.
Campfire was followed by kakegori 🍧after which the mothers continued their dancing while the youth gathered for their social night.

After breakfast the next morning, many trooped to play and get wet in the river until mid morning when we had to get ready to leave the campsite. Before leaving, we had the treat of nagashi-soumen to enjoy with fried chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon.
As is our custom, we celebrated the August birthdays. A cake was brought to camp and we sang Happy Birthday for 4 people of KALAKASAN.

Before heading for home, we stopped at nearby Buna no Yu onsen where we could take hot baths to warm and clean ourselves from the cold river and rainy morning.
We headed home around 2:00 pm and again Obon holiday traffic slowed us down and we reached our home ground KALAKASAN office at Kashimada Church at 5:30 pm.

This year is a historic one for KALAKASAN. One KALAKASAN youth volunteered to oversee reservations and networking with the campsite and our volunteer drivers. One of the volunteer drivers was another KALAKASAN youth. And another KALAKASAN youth with skills in English and Tagalog became the bridge between the Filipino mothers and staff and the bi-cultural, Japanese-speaking youth to facilitate our team efforts at organizing the camp event.
We are grateful to all volunteers and friends who made this year’s Summer Camp possible.

◇ ◇ ◇

8月11-12日 サマーキャンプ、神奈川県足柄上郡山北町







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