Children’s Program

kalakasan7Within the increasing numbers of international marriages, many more bi-cultural children are being born and brought up in Japan than ever before. Many of these children have experienced bullying in school and society, resulting in alienation. Unable to develop their self dignity, they suffer in many ways. These children come from complex family environments where they might have witnessed their mothers being battered and abused by their fathers, or suffered abuse themselves. Inevitably they carry enormous psychological wounds. At KALAKASAN we aid these children in regaining their original strengths and sense of self-worth. We do this through the following activities:

1. Multi-cultural Lessons

To help children see the richness of other cultures, we have regular language classes(English)  as well as periodic cooking, handicraft and dance lessons.

2. Mutual Intercommunication Activities

To encourage sharing bi-cultural children with common experiences, we sponsor monthly outdoor activities.

3. Free space

Part of the office space has been reserved for the children to use freely on regular basis.

4. Home Visiting, Counseling

Focusing on the children who refuse to go to school or have retreated within themselves, we do home visiting and individual counseling.

It is vital to network and collaborate with social agencies that aid bi-cultural children who have suffered traumatic relationships at home. In the future we are pursuing an improved network system with appropriate social agencies.