KALAKASAN Program and Activitieskalakasan5

1. Crisis Intervention – Feminist Counseling (Telephone, Face-to-Face)

Responding to migrant women’s problems, we conduct telephone and face-to-face interviews and feminist counseling in Tagalog, English and Japanese. The wide range of women’s problems relate to the domestic violence, divorce, visa status, child recognition and rearing /education of bi-cultural children. We prepare and translate necessary documents as well as accompany women to lawyers and city/ward offices, courts, medical facilities and other agencies to provide assistance and interpretation.

2. Follow-up Care for Women

Migrant woman victims of domestic violence, exploitation and other abuses need healing. When women are well their children are also well. We support their recovery and return to self reliance through this program. We do home visits, organize self-help groups, seminars, workshops and gatherings that promote mutual sharing and create new consciousness among abused women about their self-worth and dignity as human beings. We find through these processes that women are able to build safe places where they can move towards wholeness. To understand their situation in Japanese society more deeply, migrant women are engaged in Feministic Participatory Action Research (FPAR).

3. Advocacy – Networking

By networking with migrant-support NGO’s, other women’s organization and like minded specialized agencies, we promote and propose necessary changes in the legal system to improve human rights protection for migrant women and their children. At present we are involved in appealing for change in the DV Protection and other related laws affecting migrant women and their children on both the national and local levels.

4. Other activities

We distribute KALAKASAN newsletters and leaflets to keep especially migrant women and their children updated on our activities and other important information that might affect them. We also aim to keep our members and networks informed on our activities. In exceptional case we publish the result of our Feminist Participatory Action Research.